I re-did a bar stool!!!!!! scrapbook room

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I re-did a bar stool!!!!!! scrapbook room

I just redid this bar stool that I have had for a few months. I bought the fabric today at walmart for $2.00 and a can of spray paint for 5.00 the chair was thrown out lol can you believe I got the cabinet, chair and bar stool all for free!

Here are the before and after pics.






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Oh my gosh Tia that is so cute. Great Job!

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that is really cute Tia. I love it

Great job

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so cute! nice job Smile

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So cute!

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I really like it!

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OMG that is adorable!!! and i completely want one!! lol

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Neat, neat, neat!! Great job once again!

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you rock girl!! You are so good at re-furbishing things! I really love the stool....you picked the perfect fabric! TFS with us.

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Great job! That is so cute!

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wow you did a good job!

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That is adorable!!!!

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that is so cute! i would have never guessed that's what it looked like before!

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That looks great! I mean, really great! I am so impressed.

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Awesome job!

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Great job!

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you are seriously too crafty! okay, not "too", you're perfectly crafty. Smile love the remodeled stool!

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wow! Smile that looks awesome!! you rock at fixing up things! teach me! LOL

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THANKS gals, you are all so nice! I can't take all the credit for this one though. I re -upolstered (sp?) it and dh spray painted it for me. I think he is starting to like my scrapbook room Smile

Loida, I will teach you that and you teach me the dollhouse food Smile

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wow! that looks great!!

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It is so perfect! I'm so jealous!!!!!