I think I am breaking down and buying....

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I think I am breaking down and buying....

...a Gypsy Yahoo

my birthday is Sept 5, and I feel like that is the only thing I want...and I never splurge on myself anymore (unless you count the 2 maternity shirts and pair of capris I bought on clearance at target today :lol:). My parents said they will just give me money, since that is what I want, and DH will do that as well...my one grandma already got me a present...my other grandma usually writes a check. MIL is the only tricky one...she NEVER asks or goes by "lists" My family is a big "list" family for birthdays and Christmas. MIL asks for suggestions sometimes, but I have found that she pretty much does what she wants anyway. Usually she is good at picking stuff out, but this year I SO just want a gypsy...and even if I return what she gets me, I will likely end up with store credit somewhere I don't need. Hate to be the ungrateful daughter in law, but she goes rogue and buys random stuff ALL the time, even when she asks for ideas of what I want.

Even if she doesn't join in the effort, I am still going to get one Wink I figure with another kiddo on the way, I will have EVEN less time to scrap...so if I can design during down time but when I am not able to be in the scrap area (b/c DS is into EVERYTHING in there at this age), I can use the gypsy...then later cut it out really quickly. Thoughts, people who have them or have played with a Gypsy...

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Yay, I think you should go for it! I don't have one but I know people who do have one and they love theirs!!

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I haven't looked into them so I really have no idea all they can do. lol. But, I hope you have a great time with yours when you get it !

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I say, go for it, I did splurge and got mine right when it came out, and I love it, it was totally worth the money I paid for it, and I was stupid buying it right away, because the cost has come down by about 100 dollars. Wink
I haven't used it in about 4 days, because I have all my paper crafts put away and have my sewing stuff out, but I will be using it today. Smile

I love what you said about your family being "list people" but your MIL buys whatever she wants, mine is the same way, well used to be the same way, now she does get me what I want sometimes.

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I just can't believe how many people you get presents from. I dont' get any birthday presents. Smile Not any great advice, but I do know people who have that gypsy love it, so best of luck to you and Happy Birthday!!

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I know nothing of Gypsies, but YEY for getting one. Biggrin

Also, my birthday is 5th September too!! :party:

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Yay for twin birthdays Sarah Yahoo

Carrie - I probably still get presents b/c I am the oldest on both sides of my family...so the other cousins are still college age, just out of college...so the grandmas still give gifts (not as big as they used to)...and I am the only one married and with a kid. So they haven't shifted over to the mentality of the kids get gifts but not the adults. I am still in the kid category in my family Lol DH's side of the family gives presents for too many occasions IMO. His parents do valentines and anniversaries (for themselves)...whereas my family just did cards for that kind of stuff...and just gifts for Christmas and bday.

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Go Virgos! My birthday is five days after yours and Sarah's! I am so jealous you're gonna get a gypsy! Make sure you check Ebay as that's the lowest I've seen them... going as low as $105 with free shipping even! How exciting!

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yeah I have been looking at ebay lately...

your bday is my anniversary, Tracey! Yay for september bdays!

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I've got to play with my friend's gypsy and it's so cool. You are going to have fun with it! YAY!!! What a great birthday present!

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I love my gypsy! When I was helping with a friends wedding stuff it made it so much easier! You'll love it! I got mine on sale for like $149.

Your DH's family sounds like my in-laws. We get gifts for all kinds of holidays. Valentines, Thanksgiving, easter etc. But it's usually small stuff related to the holidays. DH is an only child though.

Can't wait to see what you create with your gypsy!

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I've never touched a Gypsy, and that's probably a good thing. ROFL Maybe your DH can talk to his mom and tell her that you really have your heart set on this gadget and that it would mean a lot to you if she contributed to it. Wink My family is a big list family too. My birthday is in Nov, but I'm thinking that I should start thinking ahead for what I want to ask for so that my mom doesn't buy knick knack things for me in the meantime (I hate that!).