I think I'm going to like digital.

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I think I'm going to like digital.

I haven't done an official page but I've been playing around with Picnik. If you haven't checked it out, do so. It's fun! I did my siggy picture which you would never know was the same picture from the one I took it from and I just did this.


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well, your siggy pic IS ADORABLE! I can't help but smile. I can see some pics, at certain times, it's weird. I like digital, but I like paper better. It makes me feel more creative. Wink Can't wait to see some work!

BTW...I still need to complete those signs. I am SO sorry I haven't had time. I will soon, I promise.

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Hun, don't even stress over it. Lots of time to do those. You have your hands more than full with two kiddos.

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That's neat! I don't even know how to do that in my program, but it's a neat effect!

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very cool pic! I had something like that called coloring book but it was never that detailed!

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that's very cool! Piknik slows my machine down so I don't use it. Sad

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What a cool technique! It sure made for a cute picture...it looks like a pencil sketch.

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Cool Erin!!