I think my funk is over!

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I think my funk is over!

My BB had a Mommie exchange. My partner sent me scrapbooking goodies! I got ideas after going thru the box. After the day/week I've had, I needed a pick me up!

Here is a pic:

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That's really great! Biggrin

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wow that is awesome. What a good gift!!

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That's wonderful!!! What a great gift.

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That momma knew exactly what to get huh?! Sweeeeet!

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Yahoo for more scrapping stuff!

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Apparently she loves to scrapbook herself.

In other news, we have hardly any room in our apartment. We took DD's changing mat off her changing table/dresser because she's rolling way too much to easily control up there. I now can work up there some! Yay for more space to work. (I can't wait to move.)

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That is so cool! Congrats on your new space to work too!

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what an awesome gift! glad it inspired you Smile
(I always ask for scrapbooking stuff when I participate in a secret santa or other gift exchange, haha)

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Great gifts! I know I've received scrapbooking supplies on 2 of the exchanges I've done and it's so cool! Plus, you get things you may not normally buy.

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What a great gift!