I totally suck

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I totally suck

As a host! Sorry I've been so MIA lately - since my surgery I've been recuperating (feeling better now!), renovating the basement, putting the house up for sale, and scrapping lots but I'm on too many teams now and have like 27 required pages a month (I double up some of them, templates and kits, but it's still like 14 if I do that). Not excuses, just reasons and I feel bad for not dropping by lately.

So I wanna catch up with everyone - what's everyone been up to? Who is new/still pregnant, who's had a baby, who is scrapping lots or not at all?

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Crazy lady! That is way too many requirements Wink

I'm glad youa re feeling better. I was just thinking of you last week.

I'm around and still pregnant. I've been scrapping although wish I was getting more done.

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First of all, you don't suck Wink Glad you are feeling better! That is a crazy amount of CT pages to be doing! I am lucky to get 1 page a week, lol.

Updates from me... Aaron was born the end of January, and now, some how, he is already 3 months old :shock: Where does time go?!?! I am back to work. I would rather be home, but so far, the little guy is doing well at daycare.

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I'm with you on sucking. Sad (meaning I suck at being a host, not that you suck)

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:eek: that is a lot of pages to do a month! you definitely dont suck if you are doing that many and being a mod on a scrap board! you rock if you ask me!

nothing much going on here, almost through my american govt (yuck!!) class, only 2.5 more weeks! then i get a nice 3 week break before starting up with more classes. getting 2 of my wisdom teeth out tuesday because the air force dental is AWESOME and only took out 2 of my wisdom teeth when i was active duty. (i know, right? who only takes out 2??) anyhoo, so i get to go through the joys of wisdom teeth removal-again. Kylee turned 1 in april, still trying to figure out how shes that old already, and Ryan is almost 3!

I am super behind on scrapping, Kylee only has a handful of pages, and im still back scrapping last summer/fall of Ryan. so a lot to catch up, but im doing it! maybe if i keep posting my pages on here, it will motivate me to keep going. Wink

oh, and no babies for us, we are done. forever. Biggrin

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I have had no energy for anything except growing a baby!

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you definitely dont suck. thats awesome that u r on all those CTs but a lot of work for sure. glad u r recovering well.

sorry for all the abbreviations etc, doing the multitasking taking care of a baby (feeding thing)

lets see updates:
what's everyone been up to? well i've been enjoying my 3 kiddos, taking a ton of pics, managing to spring clean, get ready for a yard sale (aka go through all the rooms in house & attic and see what we dont need/use). ds #1 is in preschool & soccer, dd is very active and ds #2 well he's only 2 months so requires a lot. dh is playing rugby and im getting back into shape & kicking my butt into losing the weight i gained in college.

Who is new/still pregnant, who's had a baby? im not pregnant but just had my 3rd baby on feb 28th, joseph robert 8 lbs 13 oz 21.5 in. no induction this time. he came quickly and very easily. totally in love w him as are his siblings, daddy and the rest of the family.

who is scrapping lots or not at all? i was scrapping a lot up until ds #2 was born. hopefully once j gets a little older and im in more of a routine balancing my exercise plan w the kids schedules ill have more time, right now im just taking a ton of pics and printing them. occasionally i do some themed shutterfly photobooks too.

promise ill pop on here more often, think this is only the 3rd time since j was born that im on the board Sad

now off to do more catching up Smile

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Stephanie...how can you be 31 weeks along already?? OMG!!!