I totally thieved it! (and my kids' cards)

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I totally thieved it! (and my kids' cards)

I loved the King of my heart layout that Charys did, so I stole it. Lol And it came out great! I embossed the crown in silver. I didn't have a good set of letters to use for "king" so I cut the small circles from black paper and found some silver CM stickers that I used on it instead. Love the look! On the inside, I just hung "I love you" with a silver brad.

Then for the kids, I made identical cards. Kept it simple cause they really don't care. Jordan always says "you're the best, Mom" and I tell her she's the best too. Now Natalie says it too. Andrew also says it once in a while, so I thought it was cute to put it on their cards. The inside has the same (but smaller) "I love you" used in DH's card (but no brad, because I can see at least one of them taking it off).

I have a birthday card to make today, and have ideas in my head. Hope they come to fruition! But that must wait for Natalie's naptime.

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Oh I love them!!!! I think the silver embossing does so much for the crown, I like that much better!!!!
I haven't even made Kayson a card yet. :eek: What was I thinking? Here I've done 30 cards and not one for my own son yet. Better get started right now!!!

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PS Don't you love thievin'? Smile That's my favorite thing!:ROFL:
Ok, we have DJ smilie, but no thief?:dj:
We have "windy"???:windy: smilie dude, but no thief?
And of course, hippie:hippy1:but no theif.

me sad.

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yeah, we need a thief emoticon! Wink

and yes, I love thieving.

Kayson won't notice if you don't make him a card. Wink my kids made cards for me last week and couldn't wait to give them to me. so, already have them. (well, had them, I didn't save them, we have so much stuff already. I'm so bad!)

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Love it!!

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they came out great. I love all of them and I'm sure they will too.

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Those are great!!!!

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these are FANTASTIC Gwen!!!!! I didn't make cards for my boys this year - Loli and I spent DAYS making cards for his class & teachers and I'm just plain burned out now. Wink Both boys will get heart-shaped foods throughout the day tomorrow (waffles for brekkie, sandwhich for Loli's lunch, that kind of thing).

I *am* going to have to scraplift Charys' page though ... maybe for an anniversary card.


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Love em all !!! You did a great job.

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Very cute! I love how they turned out. I have never tried making cards before... I need to try that!

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