I used scissors!!

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I used scissors!!

How impressive is that? I actually used scissors - and something called pop dots. They worked pretty good! I wanted to make a card that 'popped' for a challenge and this is what I came up with - it's for my nephew who will be 10 on Sunday. I think it I did it again though I wouldn't have the dude on the bottom piece, just as the cut out to make it 'pop', iykwim?

And I have a few new pages:

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You are too funny Trina! I love it! Way to branch out into new areas.

Your work is amazing as always. I think "She just looked so darn cute" is my favorite of the batch. I really like the details in it and the happy colors.

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ok, I just absolutely love your pages. You are so my style of scrapper. I think I might have to do some scraplifting.:Whistle:

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hooray for scissors! the card came out GREAT! he's going to love it. Smile

and I love seeing the newest pages. you always cluster your elements so well, I think you're a true natural!

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What a darling card Trina! Kudos to you for branching out, it worked GREAT for ya!

Those LOs are darling too. Love the white page, there's no way I could make something from white and make it look that good. You are so inspiring though! TFS

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that card turned out great! and wow its weird to see a baby pic of kaitlyn!! i love it! those pages are awesome as usual!!

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Trina, I love them all. It is fun to play with hybrid, isn't it.

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good work! I love the sunshine girl one

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Did you use glue, too? Wink Nice use of scissors! And the card came out really well.

I am in love with your first page! (btw, are you going to put a K on the tag?!?!) And I love the linear lineup of the sunshine girl one. I also really like the xo paper on the last one. It's really cute.


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I love the card. That would be perfect for my brother, well a few years ago when he was into skate boarding. Wink Great work!!!

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I love the card! What a great idea to add the image under the first one. I have to add that to my idea book! The first lo is my fave!

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What a cool card! Love the LOs especially the cute one, I really like how cute is striped like the paper!

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stinkin adorable!!