I want to Scrap

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I want to Scrap

but I can't until this weekend! I have to wait for the paint to totally cure on my desk Sad

Vent over!

So keep showing me your pretties so I can have some inspo Smile

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Lol What a predicament!

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It is so worth it for that AWESOME desk though!

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oh I can totally remember that feeling. When dh made me my desk I had to wait for that and I was SO anxious to put all of my stuff in it and scrap!

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yeah, just think of the end prize!! That desk is awesome! Wish I could post something...I've just had no time to scrap whatsoever. sigh.

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I haven't made anything either. But I expect to see a lot from you soon! I am very jealous, that desk is worth waiting for!

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scrap at the kitchen table Biggrin

Hope the time passes quickly for you and you can use your big beautiful desk !

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"mommys" wrote:

Lol What a predicament!

That's what I thought... lol... gladly take a few days off to get that desk! If its killing you, just get in the floor!

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It will be sooo worth the wait. Smile

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you're so funny!

I want to scrap too but I can't seem to find the time. Sad

anyhow, can't wait for your paint to cure so you can scrap at your new desk. make sure DH takes a picture of you in action!