I won a prize!!!

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I won a prize!!!

Remember when I posted about craftgossip.com? Well, I get their email instead of spending hours on their site. Wink And I entered one of their contests. (Who am I kidding? I entered many contests!). I got an email this morning that I won one! Whoo hoo!!


My kids will be so psyched! Sure, I could give it away as a gift, but my kids will definitely be in heaven if I keep it for them, so that's what I'm doing.

Just had to share. Wink

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Woot! Congrats, that's awesome! Looks nummy, too!

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We used to get those when I was a kid and that was such a highlight of Christmas! It is so yummy!

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How cool!!! It does look good and your kids will be thrilled I'm sure.