I would love your input on these!

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I would love your input on these!

I took these pics the other day and I thought they were hilarious and wanted to scrap them, I gave my son a toothbrush to play with for the first time and i was able to capture his reaction in sequence, but I am not sure on a title for the page. anybody have any ideas?

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oh those pictures are sooo cute!

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How cute! I don't have any ideas right now. I will be thinking! Biggrin

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"I brush my teeth with THIS?"

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Love the pics!

I was thinking something about...
"brush what?"
"the adventure of learning"
"the trial and error of learning"

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Thanks Ladies! Those are some great ideas! I will keep them in mind when i start to scrap that page.

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I thought I had already replied to this but I guess not.

Open Wide.
ADA recommended
Oral Exam
Dental School
(I decided against Cavity Search. Lol

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we have a teeth brushing song here, so I'd use that "brush brush bree brush brush broo" Lol It's from Bear in the Big Blue House (does anyone even watch that anymore?)

anyhow, I like using the song because it's a good memory. if you decide to brush with a song, use that as the title ... so maybe wait on naming the page. Wink

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my first thought was "love at first brush" but you've gotten some good ideas


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No ideas on the title...I'm bad at those.

Jus wanted to say that I LOVE the pics!