Icky pages?

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Icky pages?

What do you do with pages that you've done recently or "back in the day" that you arent pleased with? Do you leave them? or re-do them? I have a few that Im just not happy with and I always go back and forth of whether I should try and take them apart or not. Post them if you'd like...I'll post a few of mine. Since photobucket is open Wink

This page has some of my most fave pics of Zylin but I HATE the hand written stuff.

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I leave em! Just shows my evolution of scrapbooking! LOL

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I tend to agree... we all have pages/cards that we roll our eyes at and think "I was such a noob" (Please tell me someone gets the reference. Otherwise phrase it as "Man, I was such a novice back then")

Everyone's style evolves over time.

If it's something small you can fix, like typing out the journalling and pasting it over, I say go for it. But don't take an entire page apart, at least not since it's been this long since it was done.

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I agree, it shows how your style has changed...I'd also leave it. I like those pages actually Zene. Smile

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I agree, I leave it. I guess part of my attitude stems from the fact I am so behind, that once a page is done I need to move on. Plus with paper scrapbooking it's harder to make changes way later.

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I normally just leave it as well. I sort of like looking back at how I used to do things and seeing how much my style has changed.

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I have to admit that most of the pages I have gone back and redone are because of my handwriting. I have only done it a few times. For the most part, when done, I'm done but if it is something small bugging me a year later, I will change it.

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I don't redo pages, I have enough new ones to do Lol

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I can't stand several of my old pages and when I'm showing P's scrapbook I always point out that I was just starting with those pages. I'll probably never change them though, lol!

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I have only re-done one page. I will never go back and re-do Kayson's first year because I put just as much "heart and soul" into those as the ones I create now and it's fun seeing how much my style has changed. And hey, every once in a while I need a good laugh. Lol

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"mommys" wrote:

I don't redo pages, I have enough new ones to do Lol

DITTO! Also, I figure if I was satisfied with it then, it should just stay. I will say, though, that I leave pages and come back to them all the time!

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I leave them. I agree that it shows how my style has changed and how I have learned a lot since my first one.

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I have re-scrapped a page ONCE when I did paper scrapping. I like how it turned out in the end, but I doubt I'd do it again. Now that I'm digital, if the page doesn't turn out the way I like and a couple months later I'm still not feeling it, I sometimes go back and do another page with the picture or event, but I keep the first one printed out in the book anyways.

And Mish ..... I have no idea what a Noob is lol. Or I do, if it's pronounced like 'knob'.

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noob = shortened form of "newbie"

So far I've left mine be. But since I'm digital I may re-scrap them at some point. I'll keep the original version, but may use the picture again in a different way. I also am a bit too perfectionistic and don't quit on a page till I'm pretty satisfied with it.