an idea inspired by Linda's American page

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an idea inspired by Linda's American page

First of all Linda I love your title so much I want to use it for paper scrapping. I thought it would be a good idea for anyone with a cricut to cut the same word twice both with different pattern paper, then cut one set right through the middle and glue to other set of letters so the letters will have the same effect as Linda's digital page. This would look great on cards if you have the patience hint hint Charys. Okay I can't take it anymore I am going to do a page.(The house can wait!)Oh yeah and one more great thing that happened today.... I went on craigs list to look for scrapbooks since I have so many pages not in books. Well someone had 5 new 12x12 scrapbooks for sale for get this 5 dollars a piece!!!! Then if that was not good enough she lived 2 minutes away from my new house so I bought them all this morning!!!!!Once I get the camera I will take a pic!!!!!

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Cool idea Tia!! And congrats on craigslist score!! Now go and scrap!! Smile

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That IS a great idea!! Hmmmmm, you've got my mind be continued..........

YAY for the great scrapbook deal! Can't beat that!

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Woah! I cant believe that deal! I cant wait to see your idea in action!

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Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with!! (glad I could be of service) Wink

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Love that idea! TFS - I will definitely be trying that!

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I got a buttload of scrapping stuff off of cragslist once too! Just the paper I got would ahve been worth $25, but I also got a crop-a-dile, tons of stickers and embellishments AND a 12x12 snap top case:eek: I was beyond excited!

You never know what you will find on there!

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Wow! What a deal!

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wow, that's awesome on the craigslist score!

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SWEET!!! I love when you find bargins like this. Congrats.