Idea's by Tia # 3

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Idea's by Tia # 3

Alright everybody I am starting to feel like a thread hog. (I want to see your pages too!) Well, as long as nobody is sick of me yet, here are two more idea's.


Calling all cricut owners... This page I used my sisters cricut to cut out hearts. Rather than using the cut out shape, I used the left over scrap piece and placed diff. colors of cs behind it. If you have an abc cart. you could do this with your childs inital. I added a heart accent inside for my page but you could add a charm of the inital or accent of the letter.


Always scrapbooking milestones or birthdays? Don't forget about the little things. Fav. stuffed animal, what their bedroom looks like ect...

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Wow again Tialee!! Those are just amazing. I won't speak for everyone else, but keep em coming!! I love all the ideas!! Thanks again for sharing.

BTW, my 2 year old has a bear he refuses to sleep without, you have inspired me to make sure to get pics of him with it to capture that memory.

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tialee, keep sharing!! I love looking at your great ideas. The LOVE page is amazing...esp. the title.

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I love your ideas!

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Those are both great, I've written ideas down - love the hearts you did, and the F in Raffi being bigger - I've done the first letter bigger, never a different one, that's a neat idea! Thanks and keep 'em coming!

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Great ideas!

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Tia, your pages are amazing and are an inspiration to me to try better.