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Idea's by Tia Advanced

Okay so I really have to get to the bank before it closes so I am just adding 2 pages for now.

Do you have a favorite outfit you little one has out grown. Well I did but it sat shoved in a bin in my basement. I decided to add it too my page. Now I can always see it and I saved some space.
Another thing you can do is get 2 pieces of cardstock one patterned one plain. Cut about 2 inches or so off the bottom of the plain piece. Then bend down the left corner and keep it in place with a fancy paper clip. Now glue down to pattern piece. Paper will sohw on botton and up at the corner.


For this page (sorry upper right corner is a little messed up. There used to be a strip of metal mesh) I used texture paint also called a medium I think. I put it on in a circular motion right onto my letter T stencil then add patterned paper behind.

Hope you got some idea's!

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Wow!! Thanks again for sharing your great work Tia.