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Idea's by Tia - pic heavy

I thought I would help those out who are in a funk by adding some pages to inspire you all with. I will add a post like this weekly with multiple pages and details on how they were done. (I have 9 albums so I should be able to do this for quite a while. Here is my first post of idea's hope it helps.


For the backround on this page I made my own patterned paper. ( I do this alot when I can't find the right color to use.) To do this take scrap pp in the same color family and cut it into diff. sized squares. Then piece it all together on a white sheet of cardstock to make a 12x12 sheet or whatever size you use. It looks real nice if you ink the edges of each square first. Time consuming though


For the sun I cut the shape out of cardstock. Then I glued fabric over it and hand stitched around the edges.


For my title I ran out of letters. This often happens to me so I choose paper to match my page and cut it in the same size as the chipboard letters (They were chipboard but I embossed them) I use the insides of the letters and put it on top of my cut out paper. Then back the real chipboard withthat same color paper.


This page had a picture of my daughter out on a boat but we needed the pic for a school project. I made the waves using texture paint. (found at walmart for $4.00) I buy it in white so I can add any color of reg. paint to in when needed. I added a mint green but only a tiny bit and applied the paint with a plastic tool but you can use a popsicle stick. For the shiny effect I added sugar. Yes, real sugar I was not sure if it would hold up or not but I did this page 4 yrs ago so I guess it worked. I would suggest glitter now.


Happy Birthday... I made the candles with clay-the kind for scrapbooking- and just simply twisted it. I use mullberry paper for the flames but vellum would also work.


For this page I took mt son's car, painted the wheel and ran it up my page.
I also painted behind my title to make it stand out more.



This page was super easy. When you print wallets at walgreen's they put 4 to a sheet ( A sheet is the size of a 4x6 photo. I simply just glued down the photos cutting one out for my title.

Well hope this gives you all some idea's I figured I owed you since this bored got me scrapping again. I will add 4 more tomorrow.

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Those have me speechless Tialee!! They are beautiful!! I am embarassed I even posted my boring ol pages now. Lol Thanks so much for sharing those, it definitely gives me lots of ideas and inspiration. Your kiddos are beautiful BTW!!

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Don't ever say you are embarassed! Everyone starts somewhere. These pages are after 9 years of practice. Okay, just for you I will post my first pages tonight and trust me you will not be embarassed at all! I enjoy seeing everyone's pages cause insperation comes from everywhere. After seeing your son's dog pages it made me think I have never done a page on my daughters love for her dog. I got out my camera and got some pictures of the two of them. If you promise to keep posting I promise to add my first pages.

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Again, you are so creative! I love your work. I love the summer title. What a great idea! Your race car one is one of my favs as well!

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You have some great ideas! I love the idea of the tire track and using different mediums in scrapbooks.

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Tialee, could you send some of your creative mind down this way?! Wink I think the idea of inking your son's truck tires was the best!!! I can't wait to try that on one of Kayson's pages. So cool! And I love the big orange sun with the stitching. You really do create things "out of the box", which I LOVE!!!!! Thanks again for sharing these with us. I hope you continue to do so.

Oh and Carrie, YES we all start somewhere! Don't ever ever feel embarrassed about your pages. My first pages are totally different than the pages I create now, but I wouldn't change them one bit. I love seeing how my scrapbooking changes and develops every month. Biggrin

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holy crap!!!! what awesome pages and wonderful ideas!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing, Tia, I'm feeling inspired right now ... but I don't have time to go crop (and I'm wearing the baby which makes scrapbooking a challenge since there's a big lump in front of me).

I totally got a kick out of the sugar. yeah, glitter is probably a better option, but sugar is pretty clever!

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Wow! Your work is amazing, thanks for all the ideas!

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I love your pages. Thanks for sharing. We always love seeing other board member's pages!

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I think my 2 fav. ideas of your is the wallet size background. What a great idea and I would never have thought of it. I wanted to do something similar but I didn't want to go through downsizing and placing and then printing out in Photoshop. I love the idea of just getting wallet size printed out.

The second idea I just think is so great is where you painted the tire fo the car and then ran it along the edge as a border. I think that just perfectly proves you don't need to have tons of gadgets like stamps and cut-outs to do a great page. Really inspriational. Thanks for sharing.

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Fantastic ideas! I love them all!