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    Default If you like Stampin Up

    I found this online today.... you can become a member of their customer panel.

    Here's the details:
    The Stampin' Up! customer panel is a volunteer group of people who provide feedback on Stampin' Up! in exchange for a generous free goodie box every 3 months from Stampin' Up! Panelists participate by answering a 6-minute online survey about stamping and crafts every one or two weeks.

    More about the Stampin' Up! customer panel.
    You will receive a free goodie box from Stampin' Up! when you are first admitted into the panel and then every 3 months after for as long as you actively participate on the panel.
    We never share any of your information—including personal contact information—with any third party.
    You can quit the panel at any time
    There is no cost to you to join the panel
    Your only duty as a panel member is to answer a short survey every one or two weeks
    You will never be asked to purchase anything or be sent offers based on how you answer
    The panel is managed on behalf of Stampin’ Up! by Volt Marketing, an independent market research firm
    Not everyone who applies to join the panel can be admitted, you will be contacted if you are selected

    If you would like to join the panel, please start by telling us a little about yourself. You will be selected as a panel member if your background is a match for our research needs

    And here is the signup link http://www.stampsurveys.com/stampinu...sers/login.cfm


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    Nice. I really wonder if they pick only those people who already spend money with the company.

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    Well I filled it out and will let you know if I get in. I don't buy Stampin Up lately because I can't afford new supplies lately. I'd love to get back into Stampin Up though because I really like their stamp sets.


    PS, I did enter that I don't spend money with them and that while I stamp regularly, I'm only intermediate.
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    that is pretty cool. I signed up. I hope they would contact me about it. I love stampin up, but I can't find a local demonstrator so i haven't bought from them in a while. I would spend a lot of money from there if I had someone close that sold it. Not just stamping supplies, but paper and tools from there are awesome!

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    Ha, good timing! I was just looking at a catalog my coworker has as she'll be hosting a party in March. She didn't know that this was out there, so now she's intrigued! I used to buy their stamps years ago, but stopped because of the acryllic coming out that are much more user friendly. But now they have rubber stamps that can be used on acryllic blocks, so that's MUCH kewler! Just don't like their prices, ugh!

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    Sweet! I applied.
    We actually have a 'club' with a group of ladies at our church. One is a demonstrator and we each spend $35 every 3-4 months so that she can keep her status (plus we all get a discount). Our next order is due in two weeks. I love their stuff!


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