I'll join ya if you'll have me.

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I'll join ya if you'll have me.

Hi again. After all the great advice I got today and organizing all my new stuff, I am determined to start serious scrapping. Smile My oldest DS likes to scrap too, so we both have designated scrapbook drawers in my kitchen now by the island with all our stuff in it. Then extra stuff we put into a convenient carry tote. I even found a cool box when I was unpacking some stuff that we are putting extra pics into. We plan to scrap on Tuesday and Thursday nights for sure from 8-bedtime. We started tonight and I got one page done. I still didn't use any of my new stuff, but I'll get there. I hope to use many of your alls LOs for inspiration. I hope you don't mind. And I will be asking lots of questions along the way too. Thanks for having me and I look forward to getting to know you all!

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:clappy:YAY Carrie!!! I'm so glad you joined us! That's so cool that Austin scraps with you. I sure hope Kayson will want to when he's older.

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Welcome !! Looking forward to getting to know you better too Biggrin

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Welcome, bring on the questions!

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Yay! Welcome!!!

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Yahoo ANOTHER SCRAPPER! That's awesome that he scraps with you. Ruthie does too, but she's not too good! Lol

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How fun! It is awesome that you scrap with your DS!