I'll share my weekend work too...

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I'll share my weekend work too...

I didn't get as much done as the other girls during the VC. I think I'm more chatty than scrappy Lol

But...I got the calendar done (posted that in another thread)
This layout...

and I got a lot done on my Rolodex that I started awhile ago. I'm working on getting ALL of our addresses from our address book onto this...

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The scalloped edge is so awesome Ash! I love your rolodex too. Very nice!

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Oh my goodness, I've never seen a scrapped rolodex before. I love your page as well. I'm glad you has fun.

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I have never seen a scrapped rolodex either. Makes me want to get one just to scrap it. So, so cool.

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WOW! Great idea for a rolodex!

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You are so creative with the Rolodex! I just love that lo that you shared. It's just beautiful - simple, with just the right amount of embellishment - I love it!

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I never would have thought to scrap a rolodex - TOO CUTE!

Love your page as well. Good job.

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Wow! Love the rolodex! The things you can "scrapbook". Thanks for the idea! TFS too!

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I adore that LO! You and Bill are adorable together!

What an awesome idea for the rolodex!

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Thanks! The Rolodex is so fun to have sitting out. And when somebody moves I can just put a new piece of paper over the back of their Rolodex card where the address is. Keeps it nice and neat rather than crossing off their old addy in an address book. I mainly use my scraps for it, too!!

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That Rolodex is so awesome! I have never seen that either.

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that rolodex is SO FUN!!! i love the l/o too ... in fact, I feel a scraplift coming on. Wink


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very nice
what a neat idea about the roladex

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yes your LO's are great and you and bill are so cute together.

awesome idea with the rolodex so cool