I'll share my wkend work too

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I'll share my wkend work too

Well the virtual crop was great. i didn't get as much done as I had hoped but I still got a lot more done than I normally do on the weekend plus it was great to get to know the girls. Very friendly bunch over there.

Here was my scraplift

This was from a sketch challenge

and this was from a two page sketch challenge

The resolution on these isn't the best but you get the idea.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Shelly, you really rocked those challenges! Awesome work and it was great getting to have a crop with you. Biggrin

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Shelly - weren't those challenges awesome for getting creative? Love your pages, you really captured your girls!

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Those volleyball ones are amazing! Well done! I love the baby face one....so precious!

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I absolutely LOVE that Baby Face one. And the Volleyball ones rock. Way to get so many pictures on one page!!

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Awww, that first one is so precious. I love it. I'm glad you go some pages done, even if you didn't get as many as you wanted.

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Great lo's!!!

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Those are great! I especially love the baby face one - those photos are so cute!

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The baby face one is adorable!! I like the Volleyballs ones to, great job on the 2 page layout!

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these are all fabulous, but I really love the volleyball pages! i'm putting them in my scraplift folder right away!


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great job

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great volleyball pages