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I'm around

First trimester has been kicking me around, but I've been around. I've been trying to drop in and comment as often as I can.

As for my scrapping, it takes tremendous willpower to make myself scrap. I've accomplished a few pages, but not many. They are on my blog (in siggy), but don't worry about looking. In a few weeks I hope to be more energetic.

One of my CT's took a break last month (thank goodness for the timing). The other one is pretty simple. I was asked to step up as challenge lead there as well as CT lead, but declined. I just can't do MORE right now.

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Good for you for not taking on too much, the first trimester kicks my butt too, those hormones just make it hard to be motivated to do anything.

Glad things are going well overall, you will get some energy back soon enough. I can't believe you are so close to the second tri already.

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I can understand where you are coming from...I was there several weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten fully back into the groove. i agree that it is good you are limiting yourself so you don't get too exhausted.

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Glad to "see" you here. I love the pic of A in your siggy! Are you really going to Hawaii in 4 days??? I can't wait to see pictures and scrap pages! I hope you get some energy soon

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I did not scrap at all during my pregnancy either, just no mojo! I hope it gets better for you! And a trip to Hawaii? That sounds fabulous!

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Yes, your trip sounds incredible! I hope you guys have a wonderful time! I am glad to hear you are donig okay, and also that you are taking it easy. I also can't beleive how far into this pregnancy you are already. Congrats again girl!

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Oh yes! Hawaii, here we come. It was not our first choice location, but that is a long story. Can't say Hawaii is much of sacrifice though! Lol

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I'm so jealous of your Hawaii trip! Our 10 year wedding anniversary is in Dec, and I REALLY want to go to Hawaii, but DH isn't up for all of the hours in the air to get there. So we're looking at Aruba instead. Can't wait to read all about your trip!

Hope you get some well needed energy soon. I swear, the second pregnancy sucked all of the energy from me, even more than subsequent pregnancies! I'm glad that things slowed down on the CT side for you (even self imposed - good for you for turning down a lead!)