I'm baaaaaack!! :)

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I'm baaaaaack!! :)

Just got back in town and home today. We had a really nice vacay. We just went to Branson...we have a pontoon so we got a condo on Table Rock Lake. We weren't sure how good the littles would be, but they were GREAT!! We were able to spend a lot of time fishing on the boat and also doing other things. They even shared a bedroom and a king bed with NO problems. I am so blessed. It was a nice time, but I am glad to be home. Going strawberry picking tomorrow. Smile MIssed you guys!!

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yay! im glad you are back!! we missed you!! sounds like everything went great! now im ready to see those pics scrapped Biggrin (you did take pics right?!lol)

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So glad you had a great time Carrie! It sounded heavenly! Jealous that you got to go fishing on a boat! The only regret I have is that it'll be a long time until we see these pics scrapped....can you "jump ahead" for just a bit? WinkROFL

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Welcome back! It sounds like you had a great time. I bet you have a lot of fun pictures to scrap! Biggrin

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That sounds like fun, Carrie - we spent A LOT of time together on our boat growing up...so nice, with no distractions...

Glad you had a nice trip, but also glad you're back!

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welcome back! Sounds like a great time! Can you at least show us pics if you arent going to scrap them for years?? lol

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Welcome back!! I'm on team "Pic Pusher" we need to see! Biggrin

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Ha!! You guys are funny. I'd be happy to share some pics wiht you, but unfortunately all we had to use was DH's and my cell phones as my camera died recently. Sad As soon as I get them onto the computer I'll share. Smile

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Glad to hear everything went okay! That's great! We are headed to Silver Dollar City come July! We are so excited! Biggrin

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glad you're back!!! can't wait to see the scrapbook pages from your trip. Wink