I'm back :)

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I'm back :)

Hey girls sorry I hove not been on to post replies I was very ill. We all were. Tyson had a small seizure, thank god it was very small and not a grand mal one. DAmien got a fever of 104! and had to go to the hospital and dh was so sick he could not stop shaking. Anthony was also burning up and Jazz was fine and did not get it.Thank god we are all feeling better today. My house looks like a tornado hit it and while I should be cleaning, I went and bought the new scrap trends magazine which is full of inspo and a handi stitch!!!!! Now I can sew on my pages. I have been waiting to use my new stuff from Archiver's so I think my house may have to suffer one more day. Off to catch up on you all Smile

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wow! Sorry you were all so sick!! Hopefully you all feel 100% again very soon :bigarmhug: welcome back!

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That sucks you were all sick, but glad you're feeling better! Smile

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wow! sorry to hear you were all so sick. how miserable!

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It stinks that everyone was sick! Sad

Hope you get some time to work on your phone tag LO! Smile

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Glad you are all feeling better! PHEW!

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Oh my goodness... 8 weeks ago we had that stomach bug stuff. Started with one kid, then 2 went through it. Then one got better and the 3rd got it. Then the 1st got it again. Then hubby asked to dtd because he was sure he and I would get it and it and would be out of commission for over a week, then we both got it bad and I wanted to die yet joked that it's because we dtd that we got it. Then two weeks later I got the bug again, only it wasn't a bug, it was a baby. Smile 4 months of not trying, not preventing, and it took the flu to get pregnant. LOL

Sorry for the threadjack, just trying to make you laugh, because we did go through that recently and I know what you mean about a tornado coming through the house. You're just doing what it takes to survive at that point.

Hey, have you had time to mail me that scrapbook page yet?

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wow! sounds like one crazy sick time! how long did Damien have the fever? I'm guessing he's fine now. and poor Tyson and the seisure. Sad

hope you're all better now. can't wait to see your newest creations.

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How miserable. Glad you are all feeling better...and I'm sure the house can survive one more day Wink

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how horrible. Sad I was wondering where you were. I figured you were caught up in the modeling shoots and didn't have time to catch up. Glad you are all on the mend though. Take it easy...the house can always wait. I'd say a good dose of scrapbooking might be just the thing. Wink Dr. Charys orders.

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wow so sorry you all were sick. sounds pretty bad. Glad Tyson's seizure wasn't a grand mal either. So sorry poor baby Damien had to go to the hospital. Hopefully it's all gone now and you all can rest and make a turn for the best. Update us whenever... hope u get to play with all ur new Archivers stuff soon.

big hugs

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Wondered where you'd been. Glad to hear you're all on the mend...sounds like it was rough going.

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MIsh you made me laugh! I did send that out to you but not till this morning Sad sorry.

Beth- I was able to do my phone tag lo today just waiting on my camera to charge to load my page.

To everyone else, the house won. I just could not scrap in the mess so I cleaned like a mad woman! Then I had time to scrap Smile