I'm back.

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I'm back.

Hi ladies...I've been gone for a while. This pregnancy is kicking my butt! I don't remember if i've come over here to tell ya'll what i'm having...but we're having a girl! Biggrin

I've just started downloading a ton of digi scrap girly stuff!!! I hope to get back into the swing of things. I want to scrap u/s pics and her room...once we are moved and settled.

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Congratulations on team pink!! Welcome back. Smile

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I knew she was a girl. Wink But others might not have. Glad you're back..and I know what you mean about wanting to scrap the girl stuff.

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Yippee! A girl will be so fun Wink

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Congrats on a little girl!

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you're moving? somehow I missed that. good luck with the move. and congrats again on the girl (I think you did tell us, but I've also seen it on FB)

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How are things going Liz? I know you had to move...how did that all work out? Thinking of you! AND CONGRATS on a precious little princess. When you have time, pm me your new addy if you don't mind! :bigarmhug:

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Congrats on pink!!!! That's awesome news. I know how you feel with the no mojo - when I was pg with K I didn't do a single page - just making up for it now Smile

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Congrats on your girl! Good luck with moving!

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Our house that we are living in now, is being auctined at the courthouse on Sept 8th. depending on who buys it...if a private buyer then we will have about 60days to move, if the bank buys it back then we have between 90days-6months depending on how fast they are at getting paper work in order.

We haven't found a place to live yet, and i haven't even started packing yet! ugh!!!

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good luck with the move! hope it all goes smoothly