I'm Back

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I'm Back

I left early Tuesday morning and headed to Northern Louisiana to visit my best friend. It was a great distraction after everything from Monday. Tuesday was fabulous! Sarah just moved to La in September and with a toddler hasn't had time to really explore the area. So we found a lot of great state parks in the area and went to one of them. lets just say I LOVE FALL Smile Thursday we explored more and talked alot. I can say the drive from j-ville to La is very BORING.

DH and I talked last night and a little today about our next step. Well there isn't one. We are done worrying about were the money is going to come from for each procedure. So unless we get pg on our own we won't be doing any more fertility treatments or adoption plans. The only way it would occur is if we are debt free and can pay cash. We have at least 4 yrs to be debt free. Right now I'm praying for super eggs (since I've been suppressed for 3 months).

Now I get to focus all my time on my hobbies! DH has agreed to let me repaint my scrap room and he has agreed to make me shelving for the walls to hold all my stuff Smile Then I'll be looking for a versatile desk/work table. I may need to look at Ikea for those....they may have my wall shelves too so DH wouldn't have to build them. Anywho, I'm working on paint colors over the next few days (I get to go pick paint squares for a real painting project ROFL ) I'm thinking a light purple color or a blue gray color. the shelving and desk I want to be all white. This will be a big area since I have a nice size room for it.

We'll also be working on the final 3 room projects in the house....spare bath, master bath and kitchen. We'll be paying cash for each project so I really have something to look forward to and focus on Smile

If you made it this far yay! Once again Thank you all for all your prayers and support. It means the world to me!

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I will continue to pray that God's will is done with regards to you getting preggo Kebrina. I hope that it just happens all on its own. Hugs to you! Congrats though on getting to work on a room for you.

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I hope your dream of getting pregnant happens, however that comes, and I'm glad you've both found some peace and made that decision :bigarmhug: Don't forget to take pics of your scrap room before and after and show us! Smile

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Kebrina, welcome back! I'm glad you had a great time with your best friend. I'll continue to pray for you and dh. I'm glad you have some projects to focus on:)

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(((hugs))) the trip sounds like it was just the right thing. You sound like you've figured out a plan, and I know it won't be easy, but the steps you're looking to take are healthy ones.

Have fun decorating your room!

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(((HUGS))) Welcome back!

Sounds like the trip was the perfect thing for you! I'm glad you and DH have talked through things. Hope you guys enjoy having some projects to focus on.

Be sure to post pics of your scrap space!

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I'm glad you had a nice trip. Sounds like you are finding an outlet to focus your energy on. I can't wait to see your scrap room!

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Welcome back. Congrats on all the projects and hope God blesses you.

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I'm glad you had such a wonderful trip! It sounds like you have lots of fun things to look forward to to help keep your mind off of everything. :bighug:

And yes, pictures! Take pictures of everything in the process!

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Your trip sounded like just the perfect thing. I'm glad it helped you get away for a bit and clear your mind. I know it's got to be hard on you still. HUGS. God has a big plan for your life and I know He's not finished. I will pray that you can have a baby of your own soon!

Can't wait to see your remodeled scrap room. The colors you've chosen sound great!

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welcome back hun :bigarmhug: I'm glad you had a nice mini-getaway. You sure deserved it.
Sounds like your room is going to be quite the cool area Smile

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I'm glad that you had a nice trip and enjoyed some fall while you were there. I'm praying for super eggs too. The scrap room project sounds awesome, and just what you need. Can't wait to see pictures along the way. Ikea does have some awesome shelves, bet you'll find something great there.

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good to see you back...and glad the time away helped you clear your head :bighug:

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:bigarmhug: Glad you enjoyed yourself. You deserve it! YAY for a new scrapbooking room! Enjoy creating it! I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

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I'm glad to hear that getting away for awhile was a great distraction and that you and dh were able to make plans for the future. I pray that you will get your heart's desire with a baby someday!