I'm back in the saddle again!!!

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I'm back in the saddle again!!!

It appears that I'm back in girls!!! Stephanie, thanks for helping me!

And I talked with birthmom again today. OMG OMG I'm so excited. DH told me last night at bedtime if I didn't stop rambling he was going to knock me out!!! Lol

Thank you girls for so much support. You warm my heart and fill it up. We know this journey will have been all worth it in the end.

I do have one question? I want to send some pics of DH and I to the birthfamily by e-mail and they are sending us some to. What would be the best way to send them? Not a lot but enough. Should I send scrap LO pics from photobucket? Advice?

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Yippee!!!! Finally you are back!

I can totally see why you are rambling and excited Lol Congrats again!

When I want to send photos, more than 3, I send them through 4shared.com

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Yay! Ramble on, lady (at least to us, if dh doesn't want to listen lol). You have a right to be excited!

As for the pics - if you resize them, you can probably send up to 5 or 6 in email, otherwise use 4shared or yousendit.com (both are free).

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Yes, RAMBLE away! WE are so excited with you, so we can bounce the joy off eachother. We'll never get tired of hearing about it! Can't wait until you are holding your precious child in your arms! As for the pics, yes a scrapbook page would be special! So would just some snapshots too though!

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Um, okay... I had to go back and read.

OH MY!!!! I'm so excited for you! Wow! You've brought a tear to my eye and my words fly out of my head. I'm so glad that such a deserving mother is finally getting her baby!

I'd definitely send a scrapbook page. It's who you are and what you do.

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Want a little advise from someone who has been on the other end of the process? There can never be too many pictures. Seriously. You have no idea how important they really are. It makes a world of difference.

Personally I would just send as many regular pics as you can through email, and offer to send more if they want, but leave the choice up to them. The whole situation is tough enough and you don't want to over whelm them at first.

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I'm sure they would appreciate either pictures or pages! And yes, definitely share your excitement with us! We are all so excited for you and would love to hear about it as much as possible!!

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We love to hear you ramble about something so big and exciting! Smile

Depending on the size of them, you should be able to email a few at a time. Or create a photobucket or flickr account to upload some to. You can password protect it if you want. But then they can just go look at them anytime or download them.

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I think the photobuckt thing with a password would be a great way to go! That way you can upload as many or as often as you want and they can peek at them any time!

Again, congrats!! Can't wait to meet the bundle!

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That is sooooo exciting Kelly, I can understand how much you're talking about it. Gosh, what does he expect??? LOL

You've gotten great advice about your pics. Glad you're back here with us!!! Smile