I'm back!!!!!!!! and some good modeling news!!!

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I'm back!!!!!!!! and some good modeling news!!!

Finally my internet is back on!!!!!!!! We turned it on Tuesday but the modem reset so I had to call tech support and finally figured it out!!!!!! My sister is doing better so thank god and Anthony is loving the change!

Now the good news... drumroll please
The modeling offices in New York are interested in Jazz!!!! Since New York is way more serious her agent wants to redo her comps. The photographer that will be shooting Jazz shoots all the models for VOUGE magazine!!!! He is flying in from NY with his 3 stylists and meeting us in Indiana in 2 weeks!!!! He also shoots the billboards on time square and shoots for Marie claire mag and others. The best part is all the pics will be released to me. I guess he is a friend of the NewYork agenceys owner and is doing this as a favor to him!!!!
This is his site


If you look at his portfolio he has some mag covers he shot. I can't wait to show you all the pics and to catch up on everyone!!! missed you all!

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That's amazing news for Jazz! And it's great to hear that your sister is doing better and Anthony is liking the change Smile I remember how hard it was going back and forth growing up too.

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Wow!!! That is so exciting! I got goosebumbs reading this. Smile Jazz is really getting into this modeling thing now, big time.
Glad to hear your sister is doing better.

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How cool is that! WTG Jazz! You'll have to KUP on everything! Biggrin

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Wow! What an opportunity for Miss Jazz.

Great to have you back Tia, and wonderful news about your sister.

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wow! that is so awesome! how does Jazz feel about it? I can't wait to see the pictures.

and whoo hoo for internet!

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That is soo cool. I can not wait to see them.

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Wow, that's huge!!

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that is so amazing!!! We should seriously all get autographs from her now. She'll be the next Tyra Banks soon Biggrin

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Glad your internet is back!

That is awesome news! Is she excited! Wow! Can't wait to hear more and see some pictures Smile

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She will be the next "big" thing, you wait and see!! Smile How awesome for her!!

Glad to hear your sis is doing better and that Anthony is adjusting well too. Hope you can stay and post a bit now girl!

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Yay! Tia's back! Smile And that's just so awesome for Jazz!! I bet she's over the moon. Smile A little girl's dream come true.

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Wow, that is awesome news!

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That's so awesome for Jazz!

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Wow! That is just great news all around!

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Glad your internet is back on - we miss you when you're gone! Smile

That's awesome about Jazz!!! What a wonderful thing to work with such a great photographer!