I'm getting a Cricut (but not today)

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I'm getting a Cricut (but not today)

[LEFT]My parents are here and we ended up talking about how I've been thinking about getting one but unlike my aunt, I'm smart enough not to run up our credit cards more when we already have a bunch of big bills (broken car, then tv, now computer). We were talking about a bunch of other stuff and it somehow came back up again and my mom asked what the cricut can do. I told her that Dave was excited for the wall art possibilities. I showed her some of the cricut cards I've made.

Then out of nowhere mom says "Well how much does a cricut cost? If it's around $200 and you and Dave both want one, it could be your joint Christmas gift." (She's also put $200 towards a machine as an alternative) Mentioned it to Dave and he was almost more excited then me. I told mom that I'd only want to get one if it was on like Super Savings, since I know they can get GOOD pricing with sales. She told me to keep my eyes open.

So now I have the means to get a cricut. A little scary and exciting all at once. Now to decide which type to get and start saving for carts and watching for sales!

I'm enjoying watching the challenges. With my parents here (and my son's birthday party) I haven't been able to touch a single card making thing this weekend. I've sketched out ideas for the primary color challenge, found a scraplift to make and toyed with the Dove quotes ideas and the magazine idea.... so if nothing else, I'll belated make some VC stuff. LOVING everything that's been done so far.

Have fun ladies!

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Oooh definitely get the "e" Especially since around christmas time they do get really cheap. Good luck finding a cheap one!

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That's awesome! And glad you can lurk anyways during the VC - I can't wait to see what you make, even if they're late Smile

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Hooray!! Michelle, you're going to LOVE it! I can't wait for you to get it. It will be great for your cardmaking and everything. You guys can even use it for church stuff.

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thats exciting! congrats! Biggrin

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Woohoo! That's great Michelle!

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Wow! That's very generous of them!

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YAHOO! That's great!

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One of the many, many, many things I love about my parents is that they may not be made of money and they show their love in so many non-money ways, but mom still tries to give me a "special" Christmas gift each year, even though grandkids and a husband have been added to the mix. She spends about $50 less on me then she did when growing up. She doesn't have to do that and I've told her that numerous times. Coming and seeing my kids 400 miles away almost every month during the school year (we travel to them in the summer) is enough... but she likes to do this once a year for me and likes to make it things I'd definitely use and appreciate but for whatever reason wouldn't get myself. Like last Christmas I got two pairs of nice shoes because I really needed shoes and so did the kids, so I bought the kids shoes and wore my holey ones.