I'm having a total block

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I'm having a total block


I had so many great ideas last week and went crazy with downloading digi kits. And now my brain doesn't want to be creative anymore Sad I really need to get Wyatt's birth announcements done, I even worked on it for 2 hours last night but nothing....it was awful. I really need some inspiration.

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It happens, at least for me I just need to leave it alone for a few hours/days until I get my mojo back. I hope yours returns soon so you can get some stuff done.

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that sucks! i hope your mojo comes back soon Sad im kind of in a funk myself, i attempted a page last night but stopped halfway through! maybe i need to go buy some new embellies or something..lol

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I lose my mojo all the time. It's so annoying isn't it? Especially when you so WANT to be creative. lol
It'll be back soon, I promise.

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Try scraplifting, or try one of the challenges if you're stuck, that could get your mojo going again. Don't worry though - it happens to all of us!

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I know what you mean....I have no mojo at all this week. Sad Step away for a bit, then try coming back to it. Or browse some of your favorite online galleries for inspo. Sometimes that helps me. Or atleast it puts me in the scrapbooking mood.

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It happens to us all! I enjoy going to pagemaps.com for ideas on how to arrange pictures. Or sometimes I just look through all my previews of my kits to find something that strikes my fancy.

Hope you find your mojo again!

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Oh i hear ya! .. i have not made a single LO for days..actually, weeks now! I haven't really been motivated for it and I hop from hobby to hobby Blum 3 I really need to finish DS's first year pages too... I can't wait for the VC! That always helps. The challenges are awesome.

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GL!!! You've gotten great advice.