I'm here and I've got new LO's to show off!

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I'm here and I've got new LO's to show off!

I told you all a while back that I was working on a big project.......but, yeah, that's still not done yet, but I finally got my mojo back to work on Tyler's books! Yay! It's funny how different my work can be. Here's what I got:

OMG! Photobucket is going to put me in an early grave. Thanks for looking!

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Great job! I like the way you did the title on "Siblings" and I LOVE the Handy Manny LO.

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Great pages as usual Aja! Nice to see you post some more!

I think my fav is the hammock one. I love how the background paper has the concentric squares that are mimicked in the square mattes. And I love the title on the siblings page, too.

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Love the Handy Manny page!

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They are all great, but the hammock page is my fave! I'm glad to see pages from you! I miss your style.

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Awesome work! I love the Handy Manny page the most!

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what a cute handy manny LO!!
great work girl!! TFS

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hooray for mojo! it's great to see pages from you again. Smile I really love the first one, the pictures totally work with the paper and embellishments. and I love how fun Tyler's pages are. Handy Manny is too cute! And I love the last one, made me smile.

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Those are great! I love the scroll on the first one, and the blocking on the hammock one, but I really can't pick a favorite, I love all of them! Glad your mojo is back! Smile

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I love the Siblings page! TFS...great LOs

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What awesome page! I love the Manny one. That is such a good idea to scrap a page about what they are watching right now. I am going to try to do that. Love the bubbles one too. You used the perfect paper.

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I agree, I want to take some pics of what my LOs fave shows are...what a neat idea. I too am glad to see you back in action. These LOs are awesome Aja and I LOVE your style. The hammock one is my fave, but it was truly hard to pick a fave for real. But that one really strikes me cause of the pics, the paper, and that funny line that says that your dog was nearby making him laugh. LOVE it!! Your papers are so fun and I wish I had some. Where do you get your patterned paper? It's truly very cool!! TFS your great work with us and congrats on getting your mojo back. Smile

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"K9Trainer" wrote:

Your papers are so fun and I wish I had some. Where do you get your patterned paper?

I buy my paper in paper packs, mostly. The one w/ the bubbles came from "Animal Crackers" by DCWV. Actually, the 5 paper stacks I have are all by DCWV. They are great at color coordinating their stuff so it makes it easier to find patterned paper, solid color paper and even embellishments to all match. Both the Crazy 4 Bubbles & Silly Boy LO's are made w/ the Animal Crackers paper stack and matching Chipboard Shapes & Letters.