I'm a lucky girl!

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I'm a lucky girl!

I am so excited and I had to share.

I follow several scrapping blogs. I never scrap but I keep thinking i will so I love looking at people's work. I followed this one blog and she was doing a bunch of giveaways of stuff she was cleaning out of her scrap room. Well, I happened to win one of her giveaways! I got a bunch of different types of glues (liquid, stick, and tape), a stylus, some diamond glaze and some cardstock. I've been wanting a stylus and diamond glaze to play with and you can never have too much glue or cardstock so I was super happy. DH thought I was weird for being excited about winning what someone was going to throw away.

Well, tonight I check my email and found out I won a giveaway on another blog. It's for some scrapbooking software! How cool is that? I was wanting to see about some software to make gifts for family and such but I didn't want to invest a lot because I don't want to go digital. I have no idea what kind of software it is but I am still really happy.

I think it's kind of a sign that says I should scrap more. I've just been in such a funk for the past few months over life in general. Scrapping makes me happy and I haven't even felt like doing it. Now, I'm so excited to get back to making my projects. I have several planned and tomorrow, National Scrapbooking Day, I am going to make sure that I get my scrapstuff organized and I'm going to drag the boys with me to Michaels for some new goodies to use on my projects.

Anyway, if anyone would get why I'm excited and hopeful, you ladies would. I think it is just life's way of reminding me of all the things that I am lucky to have and that I should try to see the scrappier side of life.

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Nancy, this is a super sweet post. Yes, I agree, it's time you get back to it. I understand that sometimes it just seems too daunting to even start, especially with little ones underfoot. But once you start you realize how much you really missed it. Smile I hope that happens to you and that you share what you create!

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you are a lucky girl! I'm so excited for you, and I can't wait to see what you create with everything. Smile

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Awww, that is wonderful!

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How great for new things and even better yet to win them!!! I too have been in a funk but I am getting the itch to come back. Is it bad if I clean up my scrapbook room today before the rest of the house lol!

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awesome!! I hope that you can play with everything soon!

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How cool that you won some new stuff!

Jump back into scrapping! You'll be glad you did. Wink

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Neat! Diamond glaze is so cool looking. I'd love to see what you do with it.