I'm so deceptive....

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I'm so deceptive....

DH and I have this room in our house that would be a kids room if we ever have one. So it filled up with junk....I told DH that I really wanted to get it cleaned up so that the whole house is organized. So he helped me...I did this on Tuesday...

So today I told him we really need to get just a table that can fold away to replace this other crap that we have. So while we were Home Depot today there was a 4ft table that could be "hidden" easily...After we bought it I told him oooo I can use this for scrapbooking in the spare room.


Excuse my excitement as I get all my new things for scrapbooking.

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Sounds good, IMO babies don't use a bedroom until after a year old anyway.

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LOL That's great!

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too funny! and smart thinking. Wink

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LOL, cheater.

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So funny Smile

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LOL, thanks for the tip. Wink

Hahaha, too funny! Snap a picture and show us your scrap space when you get a chance.

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Good for you!!

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COOL! I am just so jealous! Biggrin