I'm sorry...

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I'm sorry...

I know I said I was going to post the challenge for this week. BUT I have been gone again alot this week.

I am a birth assistant and out of nowhere all these women called and are having babies and needing help. I am running on almost no sleep right now and I have a final exam to take this morning and another client appointment right after that this evening. Add into the mix we had another meeting with our Adoption SW... Let's just say last night I broke down in tears with DH. Sad I haven't even read the 4 chapters we're being tested on today in one of my exams. :?

Oh well...didn't mean to burden you all...just wanted you to know why I hadn't posted that yet. I am really hoping to get it up sometime this weekend. Thanks for understanding! Also, I will reply to your PMs then too! Wink

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Sweetie -- please don't apologize, we all have things that we get busy with and it sounds like you are just on overload right now. It's ok

Remember you are human and if it doesn't get done, no big deal or no worries. We aren't going anywhere.

Take it easy sweetie and know we are thinking of you!!!!

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Wow! I appreciate that you even took the time to come and apologize, you really didn't need to. I'm so sorry you are running around crazy right now and with a test in the middle of it! Nuts!

As for the challenge, post it when you are ready or let us know if you need help. Trust me, we are patient.


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Wow! You sure do have a done going on. Please don't feel bad and there is not need to apologize. Just take care of you. We don't mind waiting. Smile

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it's okay maria!!! you have your fair share of things going on!!! Smile take care of YOU!!! Smile

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oh, Maria, you're having a hard time! I hope you get a break, and a rest. The challenge can wait, or maybe someone else will jump on it this one.


Hope your test goes well.

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Oh Maria!! Humungous hugs to you! I can't believe all you're doing, and you still cared to check in on us. I wish you the best on your test. Take it easy, we totally understand.

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hope things get better!