I'm still here

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I'm still here

I have been lurking lately, because I was signed out and it always takes so long to sign in on this page, I just haven't bothered. Life seems to be very very busy lately. The next three weeks are going to be worse as school starts and we take a little mini vacation, and some birthdays.
I haven't been scrapping lately, I have been sewing. I have made 5 art totes for some birthday and Christmas presents for my kids and nephews, and I have made some crayon rolls. I have made a couple of loveys and 2 blankets. I also made DD a skirt. Also I let DH and the kids pick out Halloween costume patterns at Joann one day while I was shopping for something else, and so now I am making an elaborate princess costume and a dino costume, should be interesting as I have sewn a zipper in over 10 years and I have really used a paper pattern in at least 5. Smile But I am up for the challenge.

I hope all of you are doing well! And I will try to get some pictures taken of alll my recent work and posted. I am not very good about the posting pictures. Wink

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I'd love to see all of that. The art totes and crayon rolls sound great, as do those costumes. Glad to hear alls well.

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Hullo! You sound busy! Biggrin

I'd love to see what you've been making too. I like looking at other people's sewing, cause i have a machine and i have done the odd thing, but i'm not very good. It's nice to see what others can do though. Makes me fantasise that maybe i can too. Lol

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I understand. Sounds like you have been doing a lot which is wonderful! I hope you will show us the costumes when you are done.

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wow, you certainly sound busy! I can't wait to see pictures of your craftiness. I bought a pattern, fabric, and all of the trimmings to make my two girls each a dress. and now it's over a year later and I haven't done it. I think Jordan will be too big next year for the pattern (and it's pointless to make a sundress at this point).

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as the others have said, we'd love to see your crafty items! Welcome back!