I'm Still Here! (Pic Heavy)

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I'm Still Here! (Pic Heavy)

Thanks to Angie's link on FB reminding me to check in here, I popped on over and was surprised by the changes! Not much has really changed for me other than now having another senior in high school ( Sad ) and my babies will all be in preschool this year. I am mentally still in denial that they're growing up! The youngest are going to be 3 & 4 in a bit more than a month and I still can't figure out how time has slipped so quickly. And to think that my two oldest are in college with my oldest now being 21. It seems surreal at times!

But I actually have been digi scrapping lately. Still haven't paper scrapped as DH has decided to use that as his storage as well and hasn't finished the room off (as in putting up the walls and flooring) to even start to get it organized enough to work in it. Someday, someday!

But here's what I have been doing lately... Sorry for those that have already seen these on my FB!

Kiri & Tae a couple weeks ago:

Akira, Journi, & Taelynn a couple weeks ago:

Journi a couple weeks ago:

The three of them earlier this week:

And earlier this spring:

Princess Cinderella/Journi:

Kiri, 25 mths old (yes, she really did want to jump up and ride the bird!):

Tae & Kiri @ 24 mths old:

& at 3 mths old:

DS at 10 yrs old:

And last but not least, I thought you'd be humored by this one! DH riding the waves:

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I loved seeing those!

Seriously, how does the time go so fast. I can't believe my baby is 7 months already. Time just flies.

Glad to see you back over here. I hope you stick around and play. The Summer challenge is open until everyone plays LOL.

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I love them all! I love how your pages just come to life! Awesome!

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I adore the first one and the strawberry one! Love them all though!