Introduction and some LOs

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Introduction and some LOs

Hello everyone,

My name is Bronwyn and I am married to Kevin and we have 2 beautiful children - our son Bryn (2 1/2) and our daugther Afton (15 months). I have been scrapping for about 4 years now and I am strictly a paper scrapper. I have lurked here a few times (there are some talented scrappers here!) and I have finally decided to show my face (and my LOs!! Wink )

Here are some for you to check out:

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Woo Hoo! I love seeing new faces and new lo's! You do some pretty neat stuff. You are very creative and I can learn lots from you! Biggrin I had to laugh outloud on the naked page. That's a good idea! The page of "hopes and dreams" is very sweet and it gives me a good idea for a lo.

BTW...I am Sadie. I do both paper and digital. I really only do digital for this board only. I doubt I will ever print any off. I think paper allows me to be more creative! I have one DD- Ruthie and DH- Randall. Hope to see you around here often!

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The pages are beautiful. You are a talented scrapper. Welcome!

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Your pages are awesome!!!
Welcome to the board!

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your pages are FABULOUS!!! welcome!

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Well I must say I'm so glad you introduced yourself and shared your beautiful pages with us!!! I love them!!!

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Those are really great! I too am new, and I love seeing other people's work. Its quite inspiring and gives me new ideas.

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Love your pages! I also like the hope and dreams one, I am gonna have to copy that one for my own kids!

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Gotta have the naked baby pics ROTFL That is so cute. I LOVE the boys page! They all look amazing

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Hi and Welcome! You do fabulous work!!! Your pages are really great. I love seeing new people join us. I can't wait to see more of your pages.

Oh, and your kiddos are soooo cute! Biggrin

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those are great!! love the summer one!!! i love how you use bright colours for the borders and to add to the pictures Smile

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Wow, you are very talented!! Thanks for coming out of lurkdom and joining us. The more the merrier, and I know already I will be able to learn a lot from you! Your children are adorable and your layouts are great!

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Welcome and wow!!! THose are fantastic!!!!

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Welcome!! Your children and well as your pages are beautiful.

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I'm glad to meet all of you too!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you, too!