iPood and zonked out LO's

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iPood and zonked out LO's

A couple of pages I did for a CT I'm on. (I was telling the designer how i had tons of pictures of Brandon in the jumperoo but hadn't found the perfect kit to use for them, and she went ahead and made a kit with the same colors and animals!!) The kit is called "Animalia" and it's by Just Passin Thru Designs.

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I love your title on the first one:D

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That's really cool that she designed that kit especially for you. And I love the Zonked Out layout!!! ADORABLE!! Both are so cute!

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So cute! How awesome that she made kits just for those pics!

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What darling kits!! I too love the zonked out one....GREAT pics, and great LO!! TFS

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omg the pics in the zonked out one are priceless!! those are some great kits! nice job!

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ROFL at the ipood title. That's awesome lol. Love that she made a kit to match and the colors are great! I love the title in the second one as well with the monkey hanging off of it!

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iPood, how cute! and I really love the second layout - I dig how you did the title. Smile

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hehehe those are just adorable!!

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oh my goodness...that first one is just hilarious! love the title lol! and the kit is pretty nice too Smile i have that same exersaucer. I think I'd actually look into getting that kit too but my son didn't use it much.

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