Itching to scrapbook...

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Itching to scrapbook...

OMG I have the itch to scrapbook soooo bad! I have bought lots of cardstock and papers and I have a hole punch for those little thingys I forget what you call them that can go on tags. (i want to make my own tags). I have a few other things as well now for paper scrapbooking like flowers and buttons. Biggrin and some stickers. I bought one of those cutters like you all suggested I should by so that i can cut in a straight line. Smile AND DH is going to be buying a new desk for his office soon and we want it big enough so that I can have a scrapbooking corner and shelves for my things. Yay! I'm going to paint that room first though to white or some light color (its yellow now and i hate it..i think white would be best and bright.) I am sure you gals get the itch sometimes too huh? Smile I also have lots of photos that I printed out! like over 200 of them! Lol So... I am looking forward to scrapbooking. I think someday in the future I will buy a cricut but for now I am fine with writing in or stenciling in a title or something Blum 3 I can't wait to show you all everything I have and my scrapbooking corner. We hope to have it up by the end of this least by christmas. Cant wait! Biggrin My corner will also have our spare monitor so that I can edit photos from my laptop. Biggrin Just wanted to share. Hope I can share some LO's soon. Smile I might have to make one to get rid of this itch. hehehe


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That's really exciting, make sure you take pictures and show us your new scrap space.

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how exciting! i can't wait to see!

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:yahoo:That's a great jumpstart! Can't wait to see what you create!

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Sounds like you are on a roll. How exciting to be getting your own scrap space.