It's me....

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It's me....

Believe it or not, I am posting on this board! Lol It's been a long time since I have had anything to share....

Photography has taken over. My Cricut hardly ever gets used. I miss scrapbooking soooo much. I still need to finish up my mom and dad's scrapbook of the grandkids. I plan on doing that for Christmas. I finally printed off the pics I needed.

So, I wanted to show some creative ideas I have had in the past few days!

The scrabble idea was in this months Country Living. I thought it would be cute. Right now, they have things that we are thankful for. Now that it's Christmas time- I will change it. Smile
The jars are just old jars and I cut out the says and other things in vinyl. What's fun is I can change that too!

thanksgiving2 by sadiequalls, on Flickr

thanksgiving1 by sadiequalls, on Flickr

This is an 8x10 I plan on framing for Ruthie for Christmas. If you have a daughter- you need to listen to this song.

sischristmaspresent by sadiequalls, on Flickr

And here is our Christmas card...well, I will probably change out the photos, but you know what I mean!

christmascardblue by sadiequalls, on Flickr

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Love it Sadie!

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hi Sadie! It's good to see you! Love the thankful jars. Your Christmas card is gorgeous! You really do a nice job with photography!!! And of course, your kids are so cute!! You and Randall make beautiful babies.

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I LOVE that song!! Definitely a good one for mommies of girls. I love all your stuff there neat. Good to hear from you.

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Very cute stuff! Smile

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Love all of your work. Really amazing

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Your photography skills are rockin!! I LOOOOOVE the Scrabble tile! Sooo gonna copy you ok? Smile The Christmas card is perfect. Sweet!

So glad to hop on here and see a post from you.