IT'S A.... (xp)

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IT'S A.... (xp)

GIRL! We are thrilled. Today our birthmom is 28wks and she weighed 2lbs 11oz and 14inches.

We have decided on a name....her name will be Rileigh Ann (hubby made the final decision).

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OH, how exciting! Little girls are so precious. I'm so thrilled for you!!!

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Oooooh Sugar and Spice and everything nice! Congrats on learning it's a girl! They're so much fun... and a good challenge later on! Wink Love the name, too!

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That's so exciting! I'm so happy for you and Carter. Love her sweet name! Sounds like she's growing great. Smile

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Congratulations Kebrina!!!!!

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Oh yay! Congratulations! Girls are so much fun. I am so happy for you!

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SUPER EXCITING! Girls are fun! Smile She will be blessed to have you two as parents!