I've been busy (pic heavy)

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I've been busy (pic heavy)

I have been making packs of 10 cards for Dh's family...there are 6 of them....that's a lot of cards:eek: Here are some of them. Alot of them were the same concept with different paper or different stamp. So you get the jist. Oh am I happy to be done and I don't want to make cards for quite awhile:D

This is how I packaged each set.

I have definetly lost my card-making mojo for awhile;)

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those are all amazing! I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite. I am really impressed.

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Wow, you have been busy!!!! I love the one with the hydrangea.

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great work!! I'd be too exhausted to even post after all that lol. My fave is the friends one with the purple buckle Biggrin

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those are so nice! I thought about giving sets of thank yous for Christmas (since they aren't selling anyway, haha!)

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Great job. And such a great gift. Nicely done.

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Wow!! Those are all soooo great seriously. I would be thrilled to receive them. TFS with us and congrats on that big accomplishment.

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those are great!!!! i cant pick a fav! theyre all just awesome!

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:eek: Holy!

That is a whole heck of a lot of cards, and they are all gorgeous! I don't blame you for not wanting to make cards for awhile!

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Those are adorable! Some of my family would love those floral ones!

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Holy mole! No wonder you're gonna be all carded out! Great work!

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I can only see a few of these. I really, really, like the one with the butterfly that says thank you. It's just gorgeous! The one with circles that says thanks is great! TFS:D

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wow, wow wow!! like seriously, I've spent so much time trying to pick favorites and I can't!!! Amazing work! Great present idea...I am going to steal it. Wink Love the hugs and kisses tree card!

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Wow, impressed indeed!!! Nice job!

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I love the last one!!!