I've got new pages!

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I've got new pages!

What a surprise, eh? lol Here are my pages since the VC. I also got voted Layout of the Week last week at Gingerscraps, which is super cool, and I got a gallery standout nod at digishoptalk too for the page I did for the blending challenge!

And a funny one of DH - we were boating with friends and they brought along ... a bottle of rum (we were beached at this point). So I told him to act like a pirate and he did LOL

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Cute! What program do you use?

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He he he! Too cute! I love the "wanted" one... it's going in my lift folder. Smile

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"SnowWhite9028" wrote:

Cute! What program do you use?

I use Photoshop CS2 Smile Want to upgrade to CS4, but the $$ isn't there at the moment.

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Cute pages I love the wanted one

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great work they are all very nice!

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Wow Trina...that memories page is stunning. That photo is amazing and the way you put the whole LO together is just brilliant.

The wanted page is so sweet too. Love the pieces of paper (color) that cross it, I could easily do that with my work. Smile

The one of your DH is so cute too. Totally something my DH would do. Smile

TFS and congrats to you as well!! You deserve every bit of fame you get.

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I'm loving the wanted page! and the one of DH is a riot! Wink I need to look at the first one on my desktop, it's hard to see the details of the photo on my crappy laptop.

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Awesome pages as always! I also love the "wanted' LO!

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I always get excited when I see your pages! Love them all thanks for the inspo!

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wrong post

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Wowwie wow! I honestly cannot pick a favorite amongst the three. Those are amazing girl. You as so talented at digital!

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