Jack in the bath (vent #1, layout # 2) - new version added #14

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Jack in the bath (vent #1, layout # 2) - new version added #14

First, I haven't read any threads here all day. Sorry about that. Will read them once I work through the madness I'm about to share ...

So I've been working for the last 90 minutes on a layout using Elements. Elements has crashed on me THREE TIMES. I keep saving my work, and so I haven't lost much more than my time. But I can't do it any longer. I need to go to my crop corner in the basement and do the layout with Picture It (it's on my laptop down there, which I can't move since the battery is dead, so all of my digi scrapping must be done in the same corner as my paper scrapping Wink ).

I had even done my own torn edges on one of the papers. I'm sad that I can't finish the layout. Maybe when I'm ready to start Elements again, I'll save what I've done so far as a jpg just so I can show off my edges. But Picture It lets me do more, at least, I know how to do more with it (if that makes sense).

I am not reading any threads here until I get this layout done. I've lost too much time. But my goal is to complete the layout AND post here in the next 75 minutes. I do have performance issues on the laptop as it's about a million years old, so it will take me a little longer. But I already know what I'm doing since I started it on this computer. It's a shame I can't open my PSD file and pick up where I left off. Picture It doesn't open the layers of a PSD file. Ugh.

Anyhow, just needed to vent. I was so optimistic with Elements. It's not just the software, it's this computer too. I need more power!

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Okay, layout done. Smile But I'm not sure which version I like best - I really like them both. Need to sleep on it.

With frame on bottom center picture

No frame but blue outline instead

Jack is such a funny baby! He refuses to sit up during his bath - he has to lie down for the duration of the tubby. When I attempt to sit him up to wash his hair, he tries to slam his back down into the water. So for now, I bathe him lying down. May 2009

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The failed attempt in Elements, but I like the edges I did on the blue paper (just started figuring out how to do different edges in Elements, used the erasor tool to change the edge)

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I think I like the second one. Less distracting unles you wanted to do all three bottom frames in the first one. I don't understand much about digital as the only program I use is picnik, but I think it's really cute.

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i love the title! Lol that is so funny he has to be lying down. i also like the 2nd one!

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I love the 2nd one. i think the frame takes too much away from the overall LO and the pictures in the 1st one.

That is definitely too funny about Jack. The things babies/kids do to make us laugh. That's great that you scrapbooked it. Were any of your other children the same way?

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Looks great. I actually like the first one but think you should outline all of the 3 pictures. When I have my pages printed, the one thing I often notice is how much nicer it looks when all the pictures are outlined.

Sorry about all the computer crashing. You know i prefer Microsoft anyway though Wink

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Oh that's frustrating! I like the first LO better. (the last version, I love the edges!)

Cute story about Jack!

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I think I like the second one better, but I agree that I'd love to see all 3 outlined to see what it looks like.

And that's weird about Elements - and soooooo frustrating! Hope you can get it working again soon -your torn edges look great!

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That page is too cute and would be fun to try and duplicate in paper, because I like your design. I can't believe Jack likes his head in the water like that. Sooo cute!

Sorry about the PC troubles. Me and computers are not on speaking-terms of late too. Wink

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very cute page and such cute journaling on Jack. Sorry about the pc problems.

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Sorry about the program crashing on you. Sad

Cute story in the page!

I think the white frame would look better with a smaller shadow.
I like the thinner frame on the bottom because it distracts less.
Could you duplicate the yellow, double frame on all three of the bottom pics (maybe in the blue though)?

I don't know if any of that helps!

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The title is just too stinking cute! Love the torn edges, but either one is great!

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Okay, I rescued my torn edges from Elements and imported it into Picture It. Then I put the same edges on the bottom three as used in the big picture, and incorporated the colors of the backmost paper. What do you think?

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Gwen, I love the new LO! It's perfect.

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Wow - those are subtle changes, but they make all the difference. It's perfect!