Jack's first haircut (OT & XP)

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Jack's first haircut (OT & XP)

It's spring break here, DH is home. I hope to catch up on threads tonight when he's off playing poker. He's making me feel guilty for every minute I'm on the computer during the day, so I'm rushing to post this. I shared it earlier on Jul08 and Jan06, but I know you girls would love it too. Can't wait to scrap it!!

When I came home from church on Sunday, I found Jack with a ponytail on top of his head. So I took him in for a haircut yesterday. He saw my stylist, as I wanted someone I knew to do his first cut. His hair is so much lighter looking now.

Here's a before shot, just a couple of days earlier

Starting out with the trimmer, he HATED that!

Maybe a lollipop and a change to scissors will help

He grabbed a handful of his own hair

Still unhappy

Almost done!


And today ... doesn't he look like a big boy? Makes me sad. Sad

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oh my goodness! how cute!!! Smile he looks like a big boy! i am dreading the first haircut!!! I love Mikael's cute long hair. I'm gonna miss it Sad

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Oh my look at how grown up he looks! He is just precious. He wasn't too fond of the cut though! Wink

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awwww..... he looks like such a big boy now.... that's great that you took pictures though - at least you'll have those to remember his gorgeous hair by. Smile Did you keep a lock?

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oh he's soooo handsome and adorable!!! I love that last pic! He looks like such a big boy! I LOVE it!!!! The 2nd pic is my fave though....lol, can't wait to see these scrapped!! And I really love that you are in them too.

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I LOVE it!! I think he's so darn cute Gwen. TFS

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these are so precious. Yes he does look like a big boy now Sad

we waited to cut ds' hair until after he turned 1 since I just couldn't stand to cut his thick gorgeous hair even though it was longer. No one was calling him a girl so I wasn't worried.

Can't wait to see the LOs you do with these

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definitely saved some of the hair. really, if I didn't think DH would take matters into his own hands and cut Jack's hair himself, I wouldn't have done it. I really was okay with it being longer, but it was getting in his eyes at times. I'll be happy when it grows back some, it's too short to me right now. but he's so stinkin' cute!

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Aw, he looks like such a big boy now! We're debating cutting K's hair for the first time - I'm really resisiting.

BTW - who put the ponytail in his hair?

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Isn't he a doll!! Love the pictures!

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oh my! so cute!

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So adorable! He looks so handsome! I was sad when joshua got his first hair cut too. It's like the final step out of baby hood.. But I didn't cut joshua hair until he was 18 months old....

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He looks so sweet! The new do makes him look even more like Andrew though, I think. Brings back some memories. Smile

TFS, Gwen!


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Gwen, he looks so cute however his hair is long or short!

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awww he is so handsome :D:D