Jack's room - everything but the canvases

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Jack's room - everything but the canvases

I just posted on my blog about Jack's room, so I'm going to copy and paste parts from two posts to share here too. The canvases are underway but I haven't had dedicated time to work on them. Jack is a big threat to them, says he doesn't want them, they can go in Natalie's room. He's hysterical. I know he'll love them, he just doesn't like change. Anyhow, they are coming along, and I'm about 60% done of the four canvases for his name. Then I'm doing two decorative canvases once those are done. And maybe, just maybe, I can get back to scrapbooking for my creative outlet. I was looking at the pictures I had printed last year for scrapbooking, and I have a ton of stuff from JANUARY. And still 2-3 layouts from 2009. Ugh.

3 more years, and Jack will be in school all day. Maybe I can catch up then. If I don't end up with a full time photography business by then ...

Anyhow, here's what I've done for his room (click my blog link in my siggy if you want to see the actual posts or anything else there).


I've been working on Jack's room for two months now. And Jack has been quite funny about it.

First, I painted his room, from yellow to blue.





Did Jack love it? No. He wanted the room painted red. Two months later, he still tells me that he wants the walls to be red. Sigh.

The baseboards, trim, and doors all still need to be repainted. But I'm terrible at detail work, so it's not getting done any time soon. Need his dad to step up with a paintbrush. Wink


Next, the decor ... this is what's been taking me so long to do, as I've been a bit of a perfectionist about it.

His hamper was Winnie the Pooh, to match the nursery decor.

hamper top

I spray-painted it red, and replaced the fabric top. I also replaced the cardboard on the underside of the lid, and spray-painted that a neat metallic taupe.




Did Jack love it? No, he said he wanted the Winnie the Pooh back. Really? Crazy boy! (He loves it now, thankfully)


The light switch plate is one of my favorite parts of his new room. I'm VERY pleased with the final result.

Before ... yeah, I know you know what it looks like, but I wanted a before shot of this too. Smile
wall plate before

This project took some trial and error. I found a Cars themed image online to use for this project. I initially tried using a photo print, but I couldn't get it to wrap around the edges of the wall plate. I used Mod Podge to adhere the image, and luckily it was easy to peel off when the photo failed. Next, I printed it on regular paper, and then used an acrylic sealer on both sides of the paper (2 coats for each side) to seal the colors so that they didn't run when the Mod Podge was applied. I cut out where the switches needed to go. Then I went to work with the Mod Podge. I used 3 coats of Mod Podge and 2 coats of acrylic sealer. Then I took the screws and spray-painted them with the same metallic taupe I used on the hamper. They blend in very nicely with the Radiator Springs image.

Looks pretty cool, doesn't it?

Jack's light switch wall plate

Jack hasn't said a word about it.


Sticking with the Cars theme, I thought it would be neat to change the knobs on his dresser.

dresser before

Purchasing the Disney Cars knobs is pricey ... considering that I needed nine knobs, it would have cost me over $30 to buy them. So, given that I have the Cricut Cars cartridge, I set about making my own knobs. But cutting characters that small wasn't going to work (I tried, just way too much detail). So I opted to go with a sign theme for the main drawers, and used the Piston Cup and racing flags for the other two knobs.

I painted each knob with craft paint (2-3 coats each), followed by 2-3 layers of Mod Podge.

I made a little "stand" by drilling holes through a board, and then inserted long nails to hold the knobs. The round knobs are on his closet doors (not sure where I put the picture of those).

stand for painting knobs

Then the paper decoration went on top with more Mod Podge (and each little sign took more time, as I had several rip during the cutting process - turns out I needed a new blade). I couldn't cut "YIELD" or "ROUTE" - I spent WAY more time trying than I should have. Finally dawned on me to print the words on paper, and then use the Cricut to cut around it. That took more time just trying to get properly centered, which was just ridiculous. Again, was being too much of a perfectionist for something that I'd be the only one to notice.

Jack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobsJack's dresser knobs

Jack's dresser knobs
Did Jack love his new knobs? No, he HATED THEM! (Despite being excited about them when I was making them, he was very interested in the painting process). Here he is trying to rip one off, right after I put them on. He is really mad here.

Jack trying to rip the new knobs off

He has since come to accept them, and no longer talks about taking them off.


Like the wall switch plate, this is one of my favorite improvements in the room. I really am so very pleased with how this turned out. It's not hung up yet, as I'm waiting for the sealer fumes to fade. I hope to get it hung in a couple of days.

DH's mom gave this Winnie the Pooh hook rail to Andrew when he was a baby, and so it's been hanging in the room for almost 10 years. I left the mounting screws in the wall when I painted, but I wasn't sure if something new would go there, or what.

pooh hooks

I don't know what inspired me to change Pooh to Cars, but I do know that once I found this site devoted to Pixar computer wallpapers that inspiration took root and grew.

I found this picture, and just knew it's what I wanted to use

radiator fb

I love how the "Welcome to Radiator Springs" has the curve to it, as that totally works with the Pooh hook rail. But it wasn't wide enough. So I spent a couple of hours in Photoshop, borrowing from other desktop art on that site (and probably some from a Pixar image I found on Wikipedia) to create this:

welcome fb

I had it printed at Costco as a 12x18 print (the hook rail is 17" wide), and then got the rail ready to proceed.

I took the hooks out (well, DH helped, I couldn't get one out as it was stuck in really good). Then I sanded as I didn't want to have to prime. Then I used the same metallic taupe paint that you saw in part 1 and painted the edges of the piece (two coats).


Then it was time for the Mod Podge. This went better than the switch plate, as I was working with the thicker photographic paper (matte, not glossy) and I didn't have to deal with a sealer or worry about the paper tearing. I put on 3 coats of Mod Podge, and two coats of acrylic sealer.


This is the finished piece, with the hooks back in place (they were on before I sprayed the sealer).

Jack's hook rail

And on his wall, finally.

Jack's hook rail

I put it up yesterday, and Jack was NOT happy. He said, "Take it down, put it in Natalie's room!". He'll come to love it, as he now loves the drawer pulls (he was just telling me today how much he loves them).


So if I can get some "free" time, I really want to get the canvases done. But it's hard because my craft corner is in the guest room, and my parents are flying back from Spain on Tuesday, and will be spending the night. I have to pack everything away so that they have room to sleep and function in there. That doesn't give me much time ...

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First off, I love Jack's big boy room! Your attention to detail amazes me Gwen. Next, Jack's comments about it all had my side hurting from laughing at that little stinker. Lol
I cannot look at Cars stuff without thinking of Isaiah. That kid loved Lightning McQueen!

Great job Gwen!

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love it!!! what a goof jack is haha...he will love it all with time

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You really do have a strong attention to detail! Sounds like Jack is headed in that direction, LOL! Everything looks great - the Radiator Springs sign is AWESOME! And I love the knobs!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Jack's room! He will come around but his comments still have me giggling!

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I love watching all the updates on FB, it looks great so far! I love the color blue you picked for the walls. It is so bright and cheery. The knobs look so cool. Hopefully Jack comes to love it all very soon, I know I would.

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I love it! And I love the color. did you get the color from the disney swatches? I'm trying to decide between the blue and the red for Wyatt's room.

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"Cherrykitten" wrote:

I love it! And I love the color. did you get the color from the disney swatches? I'm trying to decide between the blue and the red for Wyatt's room.

yes, I used the color from the swatches. I went through three different color samples before getting the color I loved. Smile

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Amazing! Seriously, above the top, amazing!