January VC Check-In

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January VC Check-In

Good morning ladies!! Check in here for the Virtual Crop, so we can see who's playing and chatting.....er, I mean scrapbooking!! Blum 3

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I'm so here. You gave me a reason to procrastinate more. (I really do have to do some computer work today though.)

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Me, but tonight after work. Although I might do some sketches at work:)

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oh dear...I forgot this started Thursday this time. I will be participating but probably not until Friday or Saturday. Work is slow today b/c of snow...I should have brought my rolling scrapbook tote full of stuff to work on ROFL

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I'm hoping to get in on this VC. Hopefully the kids will cooperate:)

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I will be here over the weekend Smile

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I will be here, but I have to go run some errands this morning so I'll be back sometime later today. Woohoo!!

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I'm here, but I won't get to start scrapping till closer to 1. It's only 10:30. Oh man, that's so long to wait. HAHA j/k

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I am hoping to have some time to do this probably this evening or tomorrow but we will see how things go.

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Checking in. I have exactly one hour and 10 minutes before the bus comes home ... so I am not replying to a thing during that time. I'm saving my replies and comments for when I can't be working on a layout (since I have to be a mom in the meantime Wink )

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I would love to participate! Hopefully I'll be able to sneak some time in!

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I am here, but I don't know for sure if I can participate. I truly adore doing these, but time is not in my hands right now.

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I'm here! I won't be able to get scrapbooking until tonight though.

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I'm here!!!

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I just got home from school. I'm off until Tuesday so I'm fixin' to get busy! Yahoo

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i'm here!

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ill be in and out this weekend. hopefully can get some pages done!!!!

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I'll be in and out, but trying my hardest to get things done!

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i can't really scrap til tomorrow night and over the weekend but am here reading up and looking at scrapping stuff that's getting posted ! Biggrin

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Hello! Here sorta... I'll peek in as I can.
I HAVE to finish my calendar pages, then if I am able... I shall try to do some scrappin!

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I'm here now. Smile yay my first virtual crop!! Smile I can't wait to get going on some of the challenges!

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I'm here too its so cold here I won't be going anywhere so a perfect chance to catch up on some pages