Jasmine Cart. Mini Album

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Jasmine Cart. Mini Album

Andie, I know you said you got the Jasmine cartridge for christmas. Any others out there? It's quickly become my FAVE! I made this for a wonderful friend of mine's daughter. It was so easy and fun. I cut the album, letters and brackets from the cartridge.

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That is really cool!

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that's cool!

I have Jasmine on loan from another friend. I struggle with the thinness of some of the letters - they tear when I try to get them off the mat. But it really is a gorgeous font.

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Awesome! Great idea - I wouldn't have thought to use that shape that way. Looks great. I have a friend adopting from Taiwan soon and that book w/that lettering would be PERFECT.

Thanks for another great idea. I'm definitely keeping that font now!!

How do you find the time to make all the awesome things that you do???

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LOL, I suffer during the day from sleep deprivation. After Kayson and DH go to bed, I stay up and scrap. Like I wanted to get that in the mail with something else today, so I had to stay up til almost 2am to get the mini-albums done. Biggrin Crazy addict that I am.

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I don't see how you function. I need my sleep! Wink

I think you did a great job. You are so creative! I LOVE it!

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So cute! I really like it. If I ever go back to paper.... Smile