jeena at a farm!

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jeena at a farm!

so i'm REALLY trying to learn more about embellishments and adding things to pictures to make it all stand out... i get frustrated because i know there should be more there but can't figure out what to put!!

anyway.. last week we went to a farm and jeena loved it!! made this page to show the highlights Smile

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I think that was just perfect. The page matched the adorable pics perfectly. Good work!

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The page looks great!!! I love the wood background!
I am working on embellishments too. Everyone can make their pages look so nice with a bunch different things added to them. I just have a hard time getting things to look righ all together.

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I also think it looks great Smile

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It looks perfect. I like the way you did it and I think the minimal embelishments looks just fine.

Embelishments and use of papers is not easy for me either. Sometimes a page falls together perfectly and other times I feel likely I'm just plopping things together with no artistic ability at all.

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Nicely done! The wood background is AWESOME for that LO! With the pictures being so "busy" you really don't need alot of accents for those. Good job!

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I agree Delia!! It looks fantastic and really doesn't need alot of embelishments because you have lots of pictures and that makes the page interesting.
I love the wood background! Good choice!
A great page of miss cutie Jeena!! Smile

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How precious! I love it. Beautiful job!

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I have to join the conscensus. You don't really need alot of embellishments with this L.O. It's perfect the way it is.

but I know what you mean about balancing the embelshments -- sometimes it just not easy.

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PERFECT! I think it is great just the way it is. I love how you make them simple, but adorable! I love seeing your work!

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