Jordan's 3 year professional pictures (butterflies)

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Jordan's 3 year professional pictures (butterflies)

This page took me all week because I struggled with the butterflies. I made a bunch of others, all cut out of transparency paper. I painted some with acrylic paint but was not happy with them at all. The ones I used are colored with stamp ink and then I used the shadow cutout with the corresponding color cardstock so that 1. the ink went on the cardstock and not the patterned paper and 2. so I had some additional color blending into the butterflies. So I had to let my butterflies dry while I figured out which to use (the inked ones never dried, I accidentally took the ink off the green one so I had to reink it today). The purple letters show up better in person than in the picture (right page).

Anyhow, I'm actually caught up on her book now, as her 4 year pictures are still on the wall, along with any others that may end up in this book. Whew!

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HOW CUTE!!!! i Love the first picture with the butterflies in the background!

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Another great LO! Love how you created the butterflies.

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Very, very pretty. I can't get over the fact of how much Jordan and Natty look alike! Biggrin Their hair is so pretty. Ruthie's jealous! Lol

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I LOVE the butterflies!!

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those are great

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really nice!! LOVE the butterflies!
ITA with Sadie, I can't get over how much Jordan and Nat look alike!

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thanks, girls! the only thing I don't like about the layout is the off-white I used to double mat the smaller picture. wish I had a shade of yellow that matched the yellow in the butterfly patterned paper on the left. oh, well.

"1970sally" wrote:

really nice!! LOVE the butterflies!
ITA with Sadie, I can't get over how much Jordan and Nat look alike!

it is wild. they do look different too, as they have different eyes and I think their complexions are different. I often wonder if Natalie's hair will get darker like Jordan's is now. it happened over the course of the last year with Jordan, sometimes it just surprised me to look at her and see how dark it is, compared to how blond it used to be.

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just beautiful, Gwen!!! and great work on the butterflies.


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This looks great!! I really love the butterflies!

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It came out perfect. What adorable pictures of her too. I love how you did the butterflies Smile

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