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Hello Ladies! I have finally decided to come out from lurking! I have enjoyed looking at yall beautiful work. There are truly talented ladies here! I have just started getting into scraping as my daughter has just turned a year old and I must say it is addicting! Smile I was wondering though what most of yall do for journaling? Do you type it out or do you handwrite it? I have several pages I have finished but just need to add in the journaling and havent decided which way to go with it. Thanx!


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I used to always type mine because I don't really love the way my handwriting looks. But I've read lots of articles that suggest using your own handwriting because it adds to the charm and is just one more way of preserving your memories, if that makes any sense (I'm sure they worded it better than that! LOL). I then realized that when I look at other people's pages I don't think it looks bad if their handwriting is not perfect. So lately I have been handwriting a lot more, although I will still type it if I am going for a certain look or if it will fit better on the page that way. So I guess I am no help! Smile

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I handwrite because I'm hoping that will add to the charm of my albums. I can definately see some instances where I might type something though.

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i type mine because i have horrible left handed handwriting lol

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Welcome! I mostly digi-scrap so my journaling is typed, but when I paper scrap I hand write it even thought I dislike my hand writing. Lefty here too!

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Welcome. Smile

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I will probaly type out the ones that have alot of journaling and handwrite the ones that don't, cause I tend to write big. Lol I have seen several special journaling pens and wondered if it was worth purchasing or just to use a normal ol pen?

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Welcome! I'm a digi-girl, so by default the journalling is all typed Smile

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Welcome. I do a mix of the two depending on the mood of the LO and my own mood. I notice some days I like my handwritting a whole lot better than other days so that influences me too.

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Welcome! We hope to see more from you! jump right in. The choice is completely yours' when it comes to journaling. I think most of us paper girls do a combo of both.

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I haven't ever typed one up but that is only because I hadn't really thought of doing it. I do not like my handwriting at all but I do think it adds to the pages to have my own writing on them.

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I hate my handwriting so I add hidden journaling sometimes Smile