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Thread: Jukebox Question + Stamp Tip

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    Default Jukebox Question + Stamp Tip

    Do any of you have a Jukebox? Do you use it? Is it worth it?
    Michael's has them on sale for $49 through today. DH and I went to the mall last night and I have a gift card from his aunt and didn't find anything to use it on. He offered to buy me something somewhere else and buy shoes at the mall that he saw and liked. So, I was thinking about getting a Jukebox while they are 50% off but I'm not sure. The Cricut site had several people post that they had trouble with theirs.

    And a tip: I bought a Scrapbook magazine while at the mall. It had a tip that I thought was cool. They said you can use water based markers to color your stamps and don't worry about if they begin to dry. When you finish coloring the stamp it said to just breath on it a few times and then stamp immediately. You may know that already but I didn't. Haven't tried it yet to see if it works.

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    From what i understand, if you plan on getting design studio, the jukebox is a must. It keeps all the cartridges handy for your computer to pull up. I really do plan on getting it in the future but I have so many tools that I want that have a higher priority right now.

    As far as the stamping with markers, I've been to Stampin Up parties and I love how this works. I have been researching different markers since the Stampin Up set is $125 and definitely out of my price range. There is a set at Michael's that I am wanting to buy using a 50% but I've been a little gun shy. I would really love to know what markers people use and what they are happy with.
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    I do the blowing thing all of the time when I color on stamps. Works!!!

    As far as the Jukebox, if you're not using the software, don't get it. Spend that money on another cartridge instead.
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    I have the jukebox and haven't had any problems with it. If you are super duper gung ho scrapping all the time, then I'd get it. If you just work on one thing at a time, might not be necessary. I kind of wish that I'd have bought more carts first. You can just about always find jukeboxes on Ebay for something close to that price so it wouldn't be a huge deal if you missed out on this sale!

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